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January 6, 2020


It doesn't take much to make a performance from our friend Emily Gimble beautiful. In fact, all you really have to do is get out of the way and let it happen. Here's a look back at a simple shoot for a spontaneous song she played for us down in the studio after an eTow...

December 30, 2019


Realized we've been slacking in the postcard (blog) department as of late. So much has happened in the last year or so - including becoming a dad two years ago to this little guy - Miles. Having a son has been the greatest gift imaginable, even with its challenges. Bei...

July 18, 2019


Three nights - a crew of great shooters - and months of sifting through the footage and editing it together. Shimmer-Ready partnered with legendary bluegrass group Hot Rize to celebrate the band's 40th anniversary at the Boulder Theater. We filmed all three nights of t...

August 14, 2015


One of our favorite things to do is collaborate with amazing people. The icing on the cake is getting to collaborate with artists, musicians, photographers and creatives that are really pushing the boundaries. If you haven't heard Janet Feder's unique approach to music...

August 13, 2015


Always a mysterious path to try to capture the vibe of a singer or songwriter. This week, we are doing some experimenting with a friend who just landed an overseas record deal.


August 5, 2015


Working on a short movie about music teachers - the often unspoken heroes of school education systems.

July 30, 2015


The weather out here has been pretty unpredictable. Lately, however, you've been able to bank on it raining during the 'golden' hour. After several scheduling attempts, we finally got the opening and closing shots for the Pikzil / "Dark Horizon" music video in the can....

July 21, 2015


Today, we had two fun projects going on up at Chautauqua in Boulder,. During the day, we caught up w/ Sarah from SHEL as our friend Eben Grace from Grace Design stopped by to give her a new pet - FELIX. Who is FELIX? Stay tuned.








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