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SHIMMER-READY PRODUCTIONS is a full-service video production, photography, casting and sound design creative shop based in Denver, Colorado. The company was founded by Zack Littlefield  (a musician, photographer, video editor and writer) in 2007. Our clients include national and regional television and radio networks, syndicated media programs, visual artists, record labels, musicians, non-profit organizations, ad agencies, locally-grown artisanal food and beverage companies, electronics manufacturers and all sorts of great humans that are putting good things out into the world.


At shimmer-ready, we take it all in with bigger eyes, wider ears and larger hearts. We pay attention to the subtleties, and strive to make them shine in each and every project.


"Zack’s work is phenomenal. He created a video for a client and from start to finish was fantastic to work with. He needed very little direction, built upon our original vision with creative and thoughtful suggestions, turned the project very quickly.  I’ve never had a client more pleased with a video project. They were absolutely thrilled with Zack’s work."
- Joy Meadows

President / Meadows Public Relations

"I chose Zack Littlefield to shoot my Electronic Press Kit because I'd seen his work, and everything I saw of his made me say: I want to be in that video.  I want to look that good, that real.  I want an EPK that even I want to watch again and again, and one I can send out into the world with absolute confidence.  And that's what happened. Zack has a keen eye and crazy compatibility with his art - and he's a pleasure to work with.  He is to a fault: considerate, funny, warm, focused, and dedicated.  I can't wait to work with him again"
- Janet Feder

Artist / Musician

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